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Long time, no type.... - Come out, come out, whoever you are.
Princess of the Damned
Long time, no type....
An article on Jessica Miriam Reeves perhaps my favorite female vampire from the VC (Lestat being the male, you know before he went loco-coco in MtD and went downhill faster than someone wearing rollerskates!) I would've loved if Jesse and/or Gabrielle had gotten their own books (beyond TVL and QotD)

Jesse Reeves from www.vampirebibliographica.com

A preview:

“I’m sorry, Maharet,” she whispered again softly. She had to go. Her journey was nearly ended.” - Anne Rice, The Queen of the Damned

Jesse Miriam Reeves was born to greatness, though she did not realise it for a large portion of her life. She was also born under a bad sign, and the beginnings of her life do not hint at the momentous path her life would follow later. Her mother was killed in an accident which should have taken her life as well, but by a miracle she was discovered by the wreckage and taken away, having been aborted from the womb of her seven months pregnant mother. Little did she know it at the time, but her arrival at the hospital was met two weeks later with that of an immensely powerful creature, one of the most powerful in a world that contained far more power than she could ever imagine. Maharet gave the child a name and sent her to live with distant relatives, Matthew and Maria Godwin.

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